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About Us

Hospital Tech Reviews provides the HIT community with the most comprehensive, vendor agnostic and trustworthy reviews available, written by a team of product experts.

The team at HTR use standardized testing to ensure that we can provide you with the most detailed and accurate information possible. Using the same hardware and software used by the original equipment manufacturers we thoroughly test each product and complement that information with our personal experience working with each product. HTR offers a level of detail and analysis that is unavailable elsewhere.

Tough, objective, and standardized reviews are the best way to analyze any product. That’s why every product, regardless of price, gets the same standardized treatment and analysis. Rest assured that you can cross-compare product specifications and reviews to ensure fairness in testing.

This site was built for HIT executives, manufacturers, and resellers alike. We invite you to become a member of the HTR community – participate in our forums, comment on reviews, and submit guest blog posts.