Posted February 8, 2016 by HTR Editor in Whitepapers

Adjustable Technology Workstations

Adjustable technology wall stations serve purposes far beyond the logistics of physically supporting equipment in healthcare settings. With healthcare environments relying more and more on digital technology, these wall stations play a role in both promoting the comfort and productivity of caregivers through postural improvements, and in improving patient-caregiver interactions.

The importance of adjustable technology wall stations is bolstered by the research findings in the following areas:

Adjustability and Communication

It is fundamentally important that technology wall stations be adjustable. If a wall station has articulating monitor arms, it allows caregivers to position the monitor exactly where it is needed for comfortable viewing and to optimize communication—which is essential to cultivate trust—when caregivers share data with their patients. A research study performed by McGrath et al. supports this idea and found the following1:

  • When the patient was positioned 45 degrees from the computer, with both patient and computer in the caregiver’s line of sight, the caregiver was able to maintain eye contact, improve communication and convey cues suggesting trust and liking.
  • When the caregiver’s back was turned to the patient, these forms of effective communication decreased.

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