Posted February 28, 2016 by Advantech in Manufacturer

Advantech IPS-M420S – Mobile Power System

iPS-M420S features long-lasting power supplies wich utilize up-to-date LiFeP04 battery technology (Lithium-iron Phosphate; LFP). This technology is a high performance, cost effective solution to upgrading power on mobile computer carts in healthcare environments. It is also manageable with high quality AMiS_Link software. Even more, battery replacement has never been as easy as with AMiS.

IPS-M420S 420 Wh Industrial Power Storage System with Lithium-Iron Phosphate Cell

  • Contains environmentally-friendly, long lifecycle rechargeable batteries
  • 170W DC output for integration of various devices
  • Fanless design for hospital environment
  • Swappable battery pack design for quick and easy replacement
  • Two DC output ports with simultaneous power support
  • Safety protection prevents against over charge and discharge
  • “AMiS_Link” software solution for remote battery management