Posted June 3, 2016 by AFC Industries in Manufacturer

AFC Essential Laboratory Equipment

Apart from the risk of working daily with hazardous substances, laboratory personnel are also exposed to many ergonomic factors due to the nature of their work. Repetitive motion injuries develop over time and occur when muscles and joints are stressed, tendons are inflamed, nerves are pinched and the flow of blood is restricted.

Many researchers spend 50% or more of their day entering data with their keyboard and mouse resting on a lab bench. Lab benches can be too high, and require the researcher to elevate their arms and awkwardly position the wrists while inputting data. Depending on the location of the mouse, awkward reaches and manipulations of the mouse with bent wrists may occur.

As a solution, AFC Industries has designed a Workstation Cabinet with a height adjustable keyboard and monitor mounts. You can easily create a comfortable data access area and because the unit can be secured to the floor the computer remains in a fixed location every time access is needed. Additional storage space for rechargers, ables or other connectors is provided in a steel cabinet that can be produced with a key or electronic combination lock.


Some of the features of the AFC Floor Mounted Workstation include:

  • 62-inch high track with a built-in wire management.
  • VESA compliant, z-arm, monitor holder is height adjustable along the top 18” of track.
  • Generously sized phenolic shelf (24” D x 30” W) is perfect as an assembly area and is reinforced to hold 50 lbs. on each side.
  • Phenolic shelf is fixed height at 42” from the floor.
  • Semi-retractable, height adjustable, keyboard tray with slide out mouse tray.
  • Mounted metal cabinets with doors are 26” W x 12” D x 26” H.
  • Rear mounted CPU holder (CPU #102).
  • Floor base has openings for bolting to the floor.