Posted June 6, 2016 by AFC Industries in Manufacturer

AFC Mobile Video Conferencing Cart

Video Conferencing has become a widespread tactic in Business, Education, Medicine and many forms of Information Technology. It allows businesses to expand their reach, build and strengthen relationships, provide clear and consistent communication to employees, and better serve clients and partners overall. By providing a virtual face-to-face communication vehicle, businesses inherently reduce travel, resource allocation and consultant cost while providing the ability to significantly expand overall presence nationally and globally.


In Education, students all around the world can benefit from the opportunities for remote learning, conferencing and collaboration. Administrative tasks can also be performed remotely in efficient, time-saving fashion. And, in Medicine, the growth of the Telemedicine discipline has changed the medical landscape so that a physician and patient can be in contact at any time, in any place.

A key component of this global solution is the AFC Industries Mobile Monitor Stand. It is designed to support multi flat screen monitors, and be equally effective when used as a teleconferencing center or electronic signage.  The Center Monitor Mount can hold a flat screen up to 55” and 150 lbs. while the Side Mounts can hold up to 4 monitors, each measuring up to 24” and 44 lbs.

The Convenient front shelf is 18”W x 16”D and can hold the keyboard. It has built-in cable management with a removable rear access panel and additional front panel access, and the Base Footprint is 48”W x 34”D making it highly mobile and easily accessible throughout any location.

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