Posted April 6, 2016 by Altus Inc in Manufacturer

Altus C9C Clio Plus Powered Cart

Clio plus is a flexible hybrid system that can utilize either swappable-power through swappable batteries, or wall outlet power through on-board charging.
Flexibility of Workflow: Clio Plus offers complete flexibility in renewing battery power.  Depending on user preference, the caregiver can utilize either on-board charging; where the charger powers both the technology components and recharges the battery, (10A charging rate = 2 hours recharge time).Or, the caregiver can utilize swappable power, where a depleted battery can be easily exchanged for a fully charged (25 Amp/Hr.) battery. Either add a fully charged battery or simply plug the cart into a wall outlet, resulting in uninterrupted workflow.
Double your Run-time: Enhance your workflow by “doubling your run-time”.  Simply specify a second battery to be added to your Clio Plus Cart at all times.  The batteries are used sequentially, which would double your run-time.
Hybrid Performance: Clio plus lightweight renewable LiFeP04 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery technology is the most durable, reliable and safest battery technology available.