Posted September 30, 2016 by DT Research in Products

DTResearch DT594BU Medical-Cart Computer

DT594_2016keyimage The DT594BU integrates a 24” screen, powerful yet energy-efficient Intel® 5th Generation Core™ i computing platform and hot-swappable batteries (optional) in a compact, mountable package with anti-microbial coating to facilitate mobility for healthcare applications. With WLAN connectivity and optional smart card reader, this Medical-Cart Computer is ideal for health professionals to manage patient information and eliminates the need to purchase costly medical cart batteries. This Medical-Cart Computer also works with existing medical carts and cart batteries. 

It boasts a 3-bay hot-swappable battery system for zero downtime work environments to increase mobility over traditional workstations and decrease costs and maintenance associated with COWs. Designed to sustain at least one working shift without adding charged batteries, DT Research Medical-Cart Computers use inexpensive Lithium-ion batteries to combine for 250W capacity for up to 16 hours of runtime. With battery power and wireless connectivity, this computing solution is ideal for health professionals to manage patient information, dispense medication and work collaboratively.


The DT590 series has the power and flexibility to fulfill multiple roles, whether the application is at-patient care, in the ICU, or administering medications. Each unit features up to 6 USB ports, 4 legacy COM ports, 2 HDMI-out ports supporting concurrent 4K resolution, and RJ45 LAN connection. An optimized operating system running Microsoft Windows® 7 or 10 means healthcare providers that have existing medical solutions do not need to have their applications and equipment re-engineered to run on the DT590 systems. With a VESA standard mount, the DT590 series is compatible to the various medical carts, desktop stands and wall mounts available.