Posted September 30, 2016 by Human Scale in Manufacturer

Humanscale T7 Mobile Technology Carts

Built for exceptionally intuitive one-hand operation, the T7 is a revolutionary innovation in the TouchPoint line of medical technology carts. Its AutoFit™ technology instantly adjusts to each caregiver’s entered height, while its PowerTrack™ steering allows for virtually effortless maneuvering and complete user control. With a beautifully simple design, the T7 makes cleaning easy and promotes a healing environment.

Accommodates a Wide Range of users

Using revolutionary AutoFit™ technology, the T7 instantly adjusts to the height that each user enters into the digital command center. This encourages ergonomic posture, seated or standing at the touch of a button.

Intuitive Ergonomic Design

In addition to its low center of gravity, the T7 offers convenient one-hand operation, if necessary, and cart controls that are within a comfortable ergonomic range.

Ultimate Mobility and Ease of Use

With the T7’s PowerTrack™ steering, caregivers can effectively navigate tight spaces, corridors and turns with one-hand operation for care on the go. PowerTrack™ is conveniently actuate with an effortless squeeze of a button on the underside of the cart handle.

Infection Control Advantages

The T7 set a new industry standard in wire/cable management, as all wires are hidden and shielded in wire management troughs, we call it the gantry, which eliminates the requirement for cleaning of unsightly cables and wires.