Posted September 20, 2015 by Human Scale in Manufacturer

Humanscale V/Flex Technology Wall Station

Bringing innovation to the point of care, the V/Flex technology wall station is part of Humanscale’s ViewPoint line of healthcare solutions. Combining exceptional height adjustment with flexible arm options, V/Flex satisfies nearly any healthcare application requirement. Setting a new standard for ease of use and engineered to support caregivers in their workflows, V/Flex offers effortless sit-stand functionality. The ideal solution for today’s busy healthcare environments, V/Flex puts caregivers’ comfort first, so they can focus on delivering the best possible care to their patients.


Humanscale V/Flex Features:

Offering best-in-class ease of use, V/Flex makes care giving more comfortable. V/Flex accommodates 98% of caregivers in sitting or standing postures, and is available in a variety of configurations to facilitate patient-caregiver interactions. With sophisticated cable management, V/Flex promotes infection and clutter control for a safe, healthy environment.

Wide Range of Motion

V/Flex offers excellent height adjustability, sit-stand functionality and ease of use. To adjust the height, users simply apply less than a pound of force, eliminating strain on arms, the lower back and the neck muscles

Flexible Healing

The V/Flex technology wall station features many arm options, including straight arms and a Solo arm that holds a monitor and a keyboard, for ultimate versatility. The keyboard can be mounted directly onto the track, providing space savings by minimizing the footprint of the unit.

Calming Aesthetic

V/Flex has a streamlined aesthetic in a calming color palette, complementing the healing environment. Other thoughtful design considerations include a superior cable management system and sustainable composition that contributes to LEED credits.

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