Posted May 9, 2016 by Onyx Healthcare in Products

Onyx Healthcare 18.5″ Celeron Quad Core Healthcare Infotainment Terminal

With more studies linking low patient satisfaction with higher rates of readmission, there’s a clear need for better care management and engagement during a patient’s stay in a hospital.  As such, Onyx Bedside Infotainment Terminal is designed to present patients with the entertainment and information they need to feel comforted and engaged during their stay.  The Bedside Infotainment Terminal serves multiple purposes, as it can be used within Patient wards and Long-term care facilities.

The Healthcare Infotainment Terminal allows patients to watch popular television channels while receiving treatment.  The Healthcare Infotainment Terminal also features a reading light, and a remote handset VOIP phone with webcam to make video calls to loved ones.  Patients can also use the terminal to look up information about their particular treatment, as well as order food from the hospital cafeteria.

These features can help aid a patient in enjoying his or her experience within the hospital or medical center; additionally, better patient entertainment gives patients the comfort and a better experience in hospital stay which already stated in the sentence before this. For the additional feature bedside terminal provides educational information to the patients such as health tips, their health status and their medication instruction to prevent misuse of medication which will greatly lower readmission rates. 


  • Improve HCAHPS/Press Ganey Scores
  • Compliant with Meaningful Use Requirements
  • Integrated Clinical Workflow & EHR Access
  • Remote Consult and Telemedicine Implementation