Posted May 9, 2016 by Onyx Healthcare in Products

Onyx Healthcare 22″ Venus Mobile Nursing Workstation for EHR and Telemedicine

Onyx Healthcare 22" Mobile Nursing Workstation with EHR and Telemedicine
Onyx Healthcare 22" Mobile Nursing Workstation with EHR and Telemedicine


ONYX Venus mobile nursing workstation featuring Intel® Quad Core Processors is powered by built-in, hot-swappable batteries. These light weight mobile workstations are ideal for hospital and long-term-care facilities that require a workstation-on-wheels with mobility and telemedicine capabilities.

Onyx Healthcare Venus Mobile Nursing Workstation


The Onyx Mobile Nursing Workstation is an adaptable product that represents significant cost savings in multiple scenarios—it is more than just a single-use solution. It has several features that significantly impact the delivery of healthcare.

  • Low cost: the Onyx Mobile Nursing Workstation is a cost-effective, yet powerful medical PC solution that is an ideal replacement for older, less powerful medical cart computers. Even when purchasing new carts separately, adding an Onyx Mobile Nursing Workstation will still cost less than other cart/computer solutions.
  • Lightweight: the reduced weight over comparable units makes it easier to carry which directly translates to greater work efficiency and reduced fatigue for health care workers.
  • Cableless: without cables tethering the unit to a power supply or standalone computer, the unit offers greater convenience by being able to be carried to a patient’s bedside where information can be gathered and directly entered on screen.
  • Battery powered: this is a truly mobile, self-powered medical PC solution with long lasting hot-swappable batteries that are lightweight and small enough to be carried in a regular uniform pocket. The batteries can be switched-out with a single hand, and have a short recharging cycle time.

Compatible with existing carts: existing ‘dumb’ carts, used simply for dispensing medicine, can instantly become full-featured medical carts with the addition of an Onyx Mobile Nursing Workstation, with significant savings gained by not having to purchase a replacement cart.