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AFC Industries

AFC Control & Command

November 2, 2016

We build ergonomic custom-made technical furnitures to help increase the efficiency of command center and control room personnel by offering them custom designed control room consoles, IT rack stands, video wall monitor stands,...

AFC Industries

AFC Height Adjustable Radiology Desk

October 5, 2016

As Radiology and medical sciences evolve, so do our products. Our medical imaging work desk can hold today’s top monitor screens such as the Coronis Uniti. Complete double-screen clamps, two under-desk CPU holders and a built-i...


AFC Industries

AFC L-Shaped Corner Desk

September 12, 2016

From an ergonomic perspective, a multi-level L-shaped desk enables you to arrange your monitors in such a way as to maximize your visibility (focal lengths). Also, the increased desk space lets you keep frequently used items wi...

AFC Industries

AFC Computer Rack with Cabinet – The IntelliCart

August 16, 2016

  The IntelliCart provides the space-saving solution, with its flipper cabinet and mobility, you are looking for. Starring a cutting/edge design and flexibility, that most other workstations do not provide, while including...

AFC Industries

AFC Curved Smart Desk

August 3, 2016

Premium Design and Quality You need a desk that’s functional and dependable. You want a desk that has style. The Curved Shape Computer Smart Desk accommodates practically any work style, with a comprehensive offering that...


AFC Industries

AFC Dual-Monitor Computer

August 3, 2016

A ‪‎workstation‬ ideal for multiple users. When data needs to be quickly entered and there’s no time to get to the main station, this wall-mounted computer provides a solution that saves# space and enhances productivity.

AFC Industries

AFC Essential Laboratory Equipment

June 3, 2016

Apart from the risk of working daily with hazardous substances, laboratory personnel are also exposed to many ergonomic factors due to the nature of their work. Repetitive motion injuries develop over time and occur when muscle...

AFC Industries

AFC Half-Circle Desk

April 28, 2016

From room space to desk space to your space. From an ergonomic perspective, spatial planning and user experiences have become two of the most important aspects in the workplace environment.   Spatially, as you block out in...