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Mobile Computer Carts

When selecting a mobile computer cart system for use in a healthcare setting, there are key factors you should consider in your purchase decision – size, maneuverability, ergonomics and battery chemistry/life – to help you determine the best mobile system to meet your organization’s specific requirements needs. There is no perfect solution and the ultimate decision is very dependent based on your organization’s clinical workflow patterns and physical/environmental characteristics.

In addition to the physical mobile cart itself, it is also very important that you determine the devices that will be “living” on the cart, i.e. thin client, laptop, desktop or tablet, bar code scanner, printer, monitor, BioMedreaders, medication dispensing devices, and more, and how they will interact with each other. Together, these products offer solutions to help manage medication administration, patient documentation and pharmacy requirements.

Commonly referred to as WoWs (Workstations on Wheels) or CoWs (Computers on Wheels), major brands include:

Ergotron, Rubbermaid, Humanscale, Enovate, Metro, and GCX.

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