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Wall Mounts

With today’s proliferation of electronic medical records and technology-based treatments, care-giver and patient-friendly IT solutions are especially necessary in clinical settings. Wall mounted work stations meets that need by facilitating comfortable and convenient computer use for caregivers while helping to improve patient interactions. These practical, in-room healthcare IT solutions accommodate users in both seated and standing

Wall mounts are typically manufactured out of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum with a non-porous, anti-microbial powder coat surface for optimal infection control. They are design to be mounted in hallways and in other tight spaces. Mounting solutions are ideal in areas where you do not have room for a mobile cart – especially where space is limited such as crowded ICU’s or small patient rooms. These compact units can be configured with articulating arms and flexible trays that are easily maneuverable, adjustable, and accessible.

Major brands include:

Ergotron, Rubbermaid, Humanscale, Enovate, Metro and GCX.

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